Launch Plan

Your business plan probably focuses on the first three to five years of operations. That is just fine and dandy; but before you get to those three to five years,you have to launch your business. This part of the business plan will focus only on the steps you need to launch. It will essentially create a to-do list of everything you must accomplish after you write your business plan and before you open your doors (or put your product on the shelves).

You will write the launch plan for investors more broadly and without a point-by-point list; but you should start with a list for clear direction.

Here’s some basic things that are on my list  and ways to write them into your launch plan:

Purchase your domain name. Even before registering your business, you want to make sure your name is not taken on the web. There are all sorts of sites that allow you to purchase a domain name, including ipage, GoDaddy, and GreenGeeks.  BUSINESS PLAN LANGUAGE: Develop a web presence for the brand in order to firmly establish its identity in the marketplace.

Register your corporation or LLC. To figure out whether a corporation, LLC, partnership, etc. would be best for you, take a look at this article. After deciding, I highly recommend LegalZoom for the registration process. They make it quick, easy, and stress free. BUSINESS PLAN LANGUAGE: Business will be a registered and fully licensed x-type of  legal entity for reasons A, B, C.

Develop a logo. Excellent logo design resources exist, including 99 Designs and OnlineLogo. There are also freelancers who can create a solid logo for you. Remember this is the image of your business, so don’t skimp here. BUSINESS PLAN LANGUAGE: Create a brand identity and begin to develop brand awareness.

Get all of your licenses in order. These rules change for every state; so if your business requires extra licenses, make sure you do your research. (See Registration above for BUSINESS PLAN LANGUAGE.)



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