Growth Plan

You’ve covered the first 3 to 5 years with your business plan. You’ve got the next 90 days scheduled out with your launch plan. Now let’s take a look into the future, shall we?

Where do you want your business to go? Do you want to stay small, perhaps maintain a one-location cupcakery or keep your product in local retailers only; or do you want to create a national brand, build a recognizable franchise, or maintain a product line at every Walmart in the nation?

When writing this part, take a few moments to think big. What do you dream for your company? It’s okay to be in the clouds for a few minutes. You’ve worked diligently on writing a realistic, strategic business plan for the past few weeks; so take some time to get out of your own head and remember why you started this whole project in the first place.

Now, I’m confident that it is in these moments of thinking really big that entrepreneurs get the idea that their businesses will have hockey stick growth and that they’ve developed something that people can truly not live without. It’s okay. Investors expect this. In fact, they’re surprised if you leave this type of pie-in-the-sky thinking out of your plan. Why do investors not want you to be fully realistic? I don’t know. Perhaps they want to see your dreams, your visions for success and get a peek into your mind as an entrepreneur.

So dream, baby, dream. Think about how you want to grow your business if everything goes perfectly through your launch and through the first three to five years. Have no fear. You never know what will happen when you write those big thoughts down and begin working diligently toward them.


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