The Bench Players

A couple of days ago, we talked about finding the right manager. Today, we’ll work on filling out the rest of your bench. Your bench players are those that won’t be involved on a daily basis, but will be absolutely essential in a pinch.

Accountant No one wants messy books. The result of an entrepreneur working long hours strategizing, visioning, and making the business tick is quite frequently…messy books. This is particularly a problem if you choose to bring investors on later, decide to file for an IPO, or *heaven forbid* get audited. It can also be a problem if you want to file invoices on time, pay bills on time, and get paid, but who needs to do that to run a business, right? (Note: The last statement was entirely sarcastic.)

The easiest solution is to hire someone who can get you off on the right foot. If your business requires a significant amount of accounting work, you may want to bring someone in-house. Often, though, you can outsource this work to accounting experts that specialize in small businesses or start-ups. This will cut the costs while still maintaining quality work.

Lawyer Some businesses can roll without a lawyer (that is until they run into any problems). Some businesses need a lawyer on retainer, while still others can settle for something in between. Lawyers can protect you and should be your allies. Many are willing to help you out in the beginning without charging you an arm and a leg, as well; so start filling out your bench.


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