Triple Bottom Line – Sensible Sustainability

When most business owners consider sustainability or the triple bottom line; they think of what they can do outside of normal business operations to make an impact (i.e. volunteering for local organizations or writing a check to a non-profit).

I don’t believe that is the best way to approach sustainability because it doesn’t have any lasting impact on your company nor does it have any connection to your business operations. Instead, I challenge you to think out of the box. For example, if I were to be opening a bakery, how could I incorporate the triple bottom line in my business?

  1. Utilize sustainable delivery practices, i.e. fuel-efficient, alternative-fuel, or hybrid cars and efficient route planning.
  2. Power a store with alternative energy.
  3.  Foster high-commitment work practices with employees, including information sharing, empowerment, and rewards based on skills mastered.
  4. Bake with responsibly-sourced ingredients.

I want you to think of how to incorporate the triple bottom line into your business in ways that positively impact your community but also positively impact your bottom line by cutting costs or increasing revenue.

Sustainability is extremely important, but it can only be as important as having an operations to sustain. To rephrase: without money, not only can you not be sustainable, but you can’t run a business. So, let’s all be sensibly sustainable, shall we?

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