Website Design

A key component of most businesses today is a quality website, so I thought  I’d share some valuable insight about website creation from Chris Dirgo of Envie Media, a Denver-based creative firm.

The most important piece of website design is figuring out the purpose of the site. Without this in mind, you will have your web designer running around in circles, which will be an exceedingly expensive headache for everyone involved.

In order to avoid that, here’s some questions that will help you define the website’s purpose.

What is the goal of the site? Is it meant to attract customers, educate the general population on an issue, support other businesses, etc.?

Who is the audience? Who is your target market? Do they prefer text heavy sites with lots of information, or image heavy sites? This will affect many of your design decisions down the road.

Is the website an extension of your marketing collateral? It is highly unlikely that your website will be your only marketing tool, but it’s important to decide whether the website will portray the same message as your marketing collateral or serve a different purpose.

Is it mean to improve customer loyalty? If the site is not just an extension of your marketing collateral, it could serve this purpose. Websites can be used to create a community of repeat customers who enjoy following the business.

Is it meant to be a sales tool? If you want people to pick up the phone and ask for your services or click-through and pay for a product after viewing your site, this is its purpose.

Note: If you say that your site will be used as an extension of marketing collateral, a mean to improve customer loyalty, and a sales tool; you are relying too much on your site. While a website is wonderful, it is not the end-all-be-all.

We’ll continue this discussion tomorrow!


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