Website Design – Continued

Yesterday, we started determining the purpose of your website. Today, we’ll continue asking questions that will poke at and hopefully unveil your site’s reason for being.

How strongly will other marketing efforts be tied to the site? Media bombards people with tons of messages every day. You need to be able to stand out. The best way to do this is by creating a comprehensive integrated marketing communication plan that includes your website, as well as other web and non-web based mediums. These other mediums include things like Facebook, email, public relations, and sales promotions. All of these tools should carry a comprehensive message.

What other Internet marketing programs will you use? This ties directly to the above questions, but speak specifically to your Internet marketing programs. Beyond an integrated campaign, knowing how other Internet marketing programs will play in your plans is particularly important because you can directly and effectively link all of the elements together.

All of the questions addressed will help define your websites purpose, and send you on a more clear design path to success. Make sure you think these things through before you meet with your web designer, as well as confirming that your web designer is on the same page. This will all help to make the experience enjoyable and relatively inexpensive.


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