It’s a Game

Yesterday, I did a guest lecture in an undergraduate section of entrepreneurship. Walking out of the room after a talk like that always leaves me in a state of in-between. My heart and soul went into that room and connecting with those students. Upon leaving, they are still in there, moving forward with their day and I am wondering what connected and what didn’t. What should I have said differently?

I realized that I left out one of the most basic premises to entrepreneurship and business in general during yesterday’s lecture. It’s a game. It’s all a game and games should be fun or you shouldn’t play. As a student of business school at every level, no one ever taught me this simple lesson and I feel confident that I would have performed better if I saw business in this vein.

For me, motivation is grounded in purpose. I have to know why something is important in order for me to truly engage an activity. Play is a good enough reason. The simple pursuit of money is not. Looking at business as a game might help some entrepreneurs better motivate themselves to engage in start up activity.


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