Born Social?



I attended a Digital Marketing Summit today.   There is no doubt that Web 2.0, social networking, mobile opportunities and all things technology, provide a world of opportunity for marketers.

But it is less clear what it all means for entrepreneurs and small businesses?  At the end of the day, these new opportunities provide additional tactical opportunities.  The addition of anything can be a double edge sword for small businesses.  Convincing an existing small business to incorporate social media into its marketing could be bad advice.  These types of opportunities take investments in time that might distract the small business from basic operations and existing customers and/or markets.

For startups, there really isn’t much of an option.  I am sure there are some exceptions, but for the most part, before you even think about starting a new business today, you have to learn the ins and outs of social media and digital marketing and build your business with that as part of its DNA.

The point is this, companies that are starting up today are born social.  When providing marketing advice startups and small businesses, they should be treated differently than firms that were started even a few years ago.


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