Living Your Dreams as Lifestyle Entrepreneur: You are the Biggest Barrier to Customer Development

Odds are you have a something your passionate about. Whether its an activity, a hobby, promoting an idea/ideal, that you love and you wish that you could do that for the rest of your life.  Better yet, actually make a living off it. Isn’t that the ultimate dream? To get someone to pay you to do what you already love to do.  As we live our lives, for most, it seems that somewhere the reality of life kicks in and we set that it aside as just a dream.  Well, its my belief that Lifestyle Entrepreneurs are the ones that don’t just let it sit aside. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs figure out ways to make their dreams a reality.  But its that love and passion for what you do that is the biggest barrier to developing a good business.

When we take something we love doing already, it is difficult to see it through the eyes of a potential customer because of our deep-rooted beliefs through years of practice and thought for own personal enrichment and fulfillment.  Its sometimes difficult to see what you’re doing through the eyes of someone else, particularly and importantly, a potential customer.  Its often easy to project yourself, your own beliefs and attitudes, onto your customer and this is not a good habit to get in when developing a good business. We need to realize that other will and do view what you do differently. Often times even challenging those rooted beliefs and we can get defensive or simply want to ignore attitudes and beliefs that aren’t in-line with our own.  As we seek out to understand potential market opportunities for our passions, we must look at it through the eyes of our customer and that means have more than an open mind, it means clearing it. You may think that it will dilute your passion down and having gone through it, I think it makes your passion stronger knowing the perspectives that others have.

Another barrier I often see is that people want to get paid for exactly what you love doing, but it is more likely that you will find something close.  I really do hope that you can find someone to pay you for exactly what you love doing, even if its doing it for someone else.  Starting-up a business is tremendous risk and becoming an expert reduces that risk.  Having a company to pay you to be an expert is not a bad idea before starting up a business. Starting up a business requires running a business, no matter what kind of business.  Accounting, marketing, sales, forecasting, suppliers, office management, etc can all bog down an entrepreneur from actually doing the activities that satisfying your passion. Living Your Dreams as Lifestyle Entrepreneur: The Biggest Barrier is Often Yourself

Now we all think, I have a career path lined up. I have a family to support. Etc. Well, honestly they are all valid and each person needs to evaluate it on their own.  Although I’ve been able to talk to a lot of older people and it always seems that they wish they would’ve just went for it and just pursued what they loved.  So in a sense, older people won’t always look down on you for trying it out for a few years. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn into a great business or maybe just a career that is just related to your passion. But if it makes you excited about getting up for work, well than you’ll be better of than most.


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