Charity & “Real Social Innovation”

Philanthropy, as said by Dan Pallotta, is the “market for love”..

Its sad to know that the level of Charity in the United States has been stuck at 2% since the year 1970! 40 years and the charity level has been stuck at 2%. The question is why? Dan Pallotta’s Ted Talk explains how charitable companies fear failure. Unlike For-Profit organizations, it is not easy for Non-Profits to fail and risk their reputation. What I concluded from his Ted Talk was that competing with For-Profit organizations will incur disadvantages in every level. Dan emphasized the fact that there is a social problem. Non-profit organizations make money to help people, but because of overhead, his company have closed and employees have lost their jobs despite their pure intentioned goal to help people. He also emphasized the fact that people should not care about overhead as long as other people are being helped. We should look at the big picture here. We should, as he mentioned, have “generosity of thought” to make this world a better place. Image


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