Another Entrepreneurship Blog?

“Entrepreneurship is as important to America as democracy itself; for the freedom to create and share ideas would be pointless without a mechanism for converting them into a reality.”

Our goal is to provide our perspective on all things pertaining to the creation of new businesses. Why would anyone care what we think? Two reasons…. One, Pete is currently on the academic side of the game as an Assistant professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Denver. He can share his privileged access from inside the ivory tower. But don’t expect him to try and sell you the usual academic perspective. He resides within the academic confines but maintain an extremely skeptical eye towards higher education’s approach to entrepreneurship. He is a proud contrarian, dedicated to reforming how we deliver entrepreneurial education.

The second reason that my perspective might provide some value: our marketing origins. Almost all academics that makeup the scholastic entrepreneurial community come from management backgrounds. This simply doesn’t make sense to me. We understand the history of business schools and how their evolution has led to the phenomenon but we can’t understand why we continue to accept the status quo. Marketing is the engine that makes it all work. Entrepreneurs have to be able to correctly understand market needs in order to determine issues around feasibility. Additionally, they have to be able to create strategies to engage those markets in an era when technological advancements and the collapse of mass media have reinvented the discipline of marketing management.

We will work to deliver interesting and valuable insights for new businesses. We look forward to sharing and learning and living through this voice, New Venture U.

Pete Whalen

Pete Whalen is a marketing and entrepreneurship professor at the University of Denver and the Dean of New Venture U. He has experience in marketing research, planning, sales and promotions for companies such as The Orlando Magic, Anheuser Busch, DeRoyal Medical and Nabisco. But there has always been an underlying desire to create that has drawn him back to more entrepreneurial environments.

Pete’s academic research interest include entrepreneurial marketing, action research, and the theory of effectuation. He has recently published articles in academic journals regarding marketing planning, organizational improvisation and customer experience management.

Pete received his PhD in marketing from the University of Oregon, his MBA from Saint Louis University and his BS in Marketing from Florida State University.

Pete is an avid golfer, snowboarder, Seminole fan and Gator Hater. He is married to Beth Anne Whalen. They have three children; Wyatt, Lydia and Camille.

Emalee Sugano

Emalee Sugano, President of New Venture UEmalee Sugano is the President of New Venture U. She has experience in public relations, planning, and project management for companies in the consumer packaged goods, financial services, and mining industries. She has an entrepreneurial calling and is continually developing and pursuing new ideas.

Emalee received her MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and her BA in Communication with a minor in Marketing from the University of Denver. Her thesis work was on the Role of Technology in Intergenerational Communication.

Emalee enjoys cycling, yoga, Air Force basketball and Nebraska football. She is married to Greg Sugano and they reside in sunny California.


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