Dan Pallotta has Got it All Wrong…….NOT!

Dan Pallotta’s inspiring presentation brings out some of the realities that drive the dynamics between the not-for-profit world and its constituents. Combining elements from his own experience and numbers from the NGO world, Pallotta emphasizes the social stigma that prevents charitable organizations from being able of raising money for a particular cause; in contrast, the […]

The Lean-Startup Travels to Madrid

Entrepreneurs usually go against the tide of conformity to follow their own instincts and try something different. This is already a challenging process. At a time when risk-taking is not the modus operandi, those who follow their ambition also face obstacles beyond their control. The financial crisis in the Euro zone has driven many young […]

Innovative Business Models

Steve Blank, author of The Startup Owner’s Manual, could not be more correct about the dangers of following a static business model. Keeping a business model dynamic, flexible, and adaptive will permit the flow of a particular project to move with ease within particular contextual challenges that a setting may impose. Failure to adapt to unprecedented […]