The Buzz from Georgia Tech

I was inspired today to read about Georgia Tech’s new online (MOOC) course.   They have announced the creation of a three year, Masters in Computer Science degree at the staggering discount of $7K.  This equates to a game changing product offering that should either A) scare the hell out of OR B) inspire universities to […]

Entrepreneurial Ethnography

I signed up for Galvanize this morning.  This post is being authored from the “bullpen”.  I am surrounded by entrepreneurs working on there version for changing the world.  The energy is fantastic.  The space is chic.  The coffee is exceptional (albeit expensive). Over the next few months I will co-locate between here and my office […]

NVU Methodology V 1.0

For the past few months, my partner, Emalee Sugano (@emaleesugano), and I have been working on a framework for Nev Venture U.  As announced in previous posts, we are going to harness the incredible entrepreneurial content scattered across the internet.   Along with our proprietary methodology, we are going to create a virtual campus designed specifically […]

Born Social?

  I attended a Digital Marketing Summit today.   There is no doubt that Web 2.0, social networking, mobile opportunities and all things technology, provide a world of opportunity for marketers. But it is less clear what it all means for entrepreneurs and small businesses?  At the end of the day, these new opportunities provide additional […]

Where can you get money for your startup?

There are a number of places to get money, and none of them will come easy. Some of the old models aren’t really working and some of the new models haven’t had time to prove themselves. 1. Venture Capital/Private Equity: The idea of setting out on the pursuit of venture capital just isn’t feasible. The […]