Born Social?

  I attended a Digital Marketing Summit today.   There is no doubt that Web 2.0, social networking, mobile opportunities and all things technology, provide a world of opportunity for marketers. But it is less clear what it all means for entrepreneurs and small businesses?  At the end of the day, these new opportunities provide additional […]

The Upside Down Pyramid

One archaic tradition that has survived the era of corporate dominance, is the standard organizational chart in the shape of a pyramid.  Traditionally, the highest ranking employee stands alone on top of a smaller level of managers that reside above the next level of managers and so on and so on.   In most cases, the […]

How do you market a mobile application?

I am working with a startup company in Denver.  They have a really cool mobile application called Glassboard.  It is basically a private version of Facebook….. in other words, you create groups to share with that allow you to maintain your own personal worlds.   I am an academic, entrepreneur, father, husband, fraternity member, republican….. and […]

Using Social Media Effectively

Social media is today’s shiny penny. People think they can whip up Facebook and Twitter pages, and then automatically have customers. This “If you build it, they will come,” type thinking misses a few important steps. Namely, creating customer connections. People are more likely to purchase from those that they trust. Indeed 14% of people believe […]