Lies to Avoid – Part 1

First and foremost, Happy 4th of July! After reading this post, take some time to enjoy the day with your families. Try to avoid thinking about your business. Give your mind, family, and friends some much-needed rest. The following are the first 5 lies to avoid in your pitches, as described by a venture capitalist […]

Writing a Pitch

I recently had the opportunity to hear a VC’s thoughts on pitching. He covered exactly what you should include in a pitch and what you should definitely leave out. Let’s start with the affirmative: Set the stage. Get the investor’s attention. Make sure he/she knows the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) right away. Explain […]

Prepare to Pitch

If you’re planning on generating outside funding, you need to be prepared to pitch your business to potential investors. This may be a full-fledge pitch at a business meeting or an elevator pitch (typically 120 seconds long or less) at a networking meeting or, in fact, on an elevator. In order to create a stellar […]