The Upside Down Pyramid

One archaic tradition that has survived the era of corporate dominance, is the standard organizational chart in the shape of a pyramid.  Traditionally, the highest ranking employee stands alone on top of a smaller level of managers that reside above the next level of managers and so on and so on.   In most cases, the […]

What type of chef are you?

Effectuation theory is a relatively new, somewhat controversial theory of how entrepreneurs think differently than traditional managers of big companies. The name effectuation is derived in contrast to causation.  For the better part of the last century we have been using a logic of prediction based on causal influences.   A new way to look at […]

Letting it Simmer

Launching a business is difficult and time-consuming work. It will take up a lot of your waking and most of supposedly sleeping times. True entrepreneurs take this in stride, refusing to give up until they have solved the latest crises, created a new idea, or made a new important connection. This is all well and […]

Triple Bottom Line – Sensible Sustainability

When most business owners consider sustainability or the triple bottom line; they think of what they can do outside of normal business operations to make an impact (i.e. volunteering for local organizations or writing a check to a non-profit). I don’t believe that is the best way to approach sustainability because it doesn’t have any […]

Continuing with Drucker’s Objectives

Today, we’ll talk about Drucker’s remaining four objectives for a business: profitability, manager performance and development, worker performance and attitude, and public responsibility. If you missed the first four, check out Friday’s post. Profitability In the past, Drucker has kind of dismissed the maximization of profit as an important objective of business; but that doesn’t […]