Give Charities a Chance (to Operate)

One the one hand, we have a TED Talk with Dan Pallotta making a very strong case for injecting some of the evils of the private sector – high executive pay, persuasive marketing, high overhead – into the veins of philanthropic organizations ( On the other, we have a recent CNN article ( uncovering the […]

Dan Pallotta has Got it All Wrong…….NOT!

Dan Pallotta’s inspiring presentation brings out some of the realities that drive the dynamics between the not-for-profit world and its constituents. Combining elements from his own experience and numbers from the NGO world, Pallotta emphasizes the social stigma that prevents charitable organizations from being able of raising money for a particular cause; in contrast, the […]

Shrinking the Revenue Gap between For-Profit Businesses and Not-For-Profit Organizations: A Repeat of the Ideas Presented by Dan Pallotta…because that’s just how much I agree with him

By Kenneth James Studeny   Two Rule Books exist when it comes to our traditional business practices: The non-profit sector and the rest of the economic world. Our thinking about non-profits, about charity and social services is “dead wrong,” according to Dan Pallotta because of five areas of discrimination between the two. The first of […]

Leaving Innovation to Customers

Certain business processes and methods have been worked out to a fine science.  For example, in research and development, teams work to discover new products and services customers need and develop ways to create and deliver those products and services.  Some firms spend an obscene amount of money on Research and Development.  But is that […]