Presumers and Custowners?

The customer development process is crucial to the success of start-up ventures. What consumers want is constantly evolving and is often surprising, so logically it follows that no business should just assume that they already know what their customers are looking for. Steve Blank describes customer development as the process of getting out of the […]

Agile Business Models

Agile Development isn’t a new idea.  Project Managers in the software development  world have been throwing around the term for years.  It describes the process of quickly creating a product and getting it to market with all the proper features.  There was a proper course and as long as everything stayed under the deadline, things […]

Apple, Customer Development, & the iPod

In my previous post, I mentioned why I believed start-ups might only work for tech, online, or social network companies, but that was before I took Steve Blank’s online course on how to build a startup! So as Steve Blank mentioned, “companies need a customer development process that complements its product development process.” He went […]

Living Your Dreams as Lifestyle Entrepreneur: You are the Biggest Barrier to Customer Development

Odds are you have a something your passionate about. Whether its an activity, a hobby, promoting an idea/ideal, that you love and you wish that you could do that for the rest of your life.  Better yet, actually make a living off it. Isn’t that the ultimate dream? To get someone to pay you to […]

Know Your Customer and You Know Your Company

Customer development, as described in The Lean Startup, is all about getting feedback from customers in order to make your best possible product. It is based on the fundamental concept that an entrepreneur should not hypothesize everything about his or her business, but rather should communicate with prospective customers to develop the best possible product […]