NVU Methodology V 1.0

For the past few months, my partner, Emalee Sugano (@emaleesugano), and I have been working on a framework for Nev Venture U.  As announced in previous posts, we are going to harness the incredible entrepreneurial content scattered across the internet.   Along with our proprietary methodology, we are going to create a virtual campus designed specifically […]

Where can you get money for your startup?

There are a number of places to get money, and none of them will come easy. Some of the old models aren’t really working and some of the new models haven’t had time to prove themselves. 1. Venture Capital/Private Equity: The idea of setting out on the pursuit of venture capital just isn’t feasible. The […]

Will Colleges and Universities Survive?

Over the past week I have met with many entrepreneurs. There seems to be a collective disdain for higher education. Many of my conversations asked the basic question: will colleges and universities survive? My answer to them is that there will be radical innovation that will dramatically change the higher education landscape. I believe that […]

The Upside Down Pyramid

One archaic tradition that has survived the era of corporate dominance, is the standard organizational chart in the shape of a pyramid.  Traditionally, the highest ranking employee stands alone on top of a smaller level of managers that reside above the next level of managers and so on and so on.   In most cases, the […]


Timing is everything…. I was recently referred to Mixergy as a site that provided interesting courses in everything entrepreneurship.  Completely unrelated, I have been working on a research project trying to understand the nuances of marketing a mobile app for my friends at Glassboard.   Wouldn’t you know it, the newest premium course was exactly about […]